Modern Twist Of Military Look

For past years in street style, camouflage has been a hit for fashionista around the globe especially for camo cargo pants for men. Let us admit it that wearing camo cargo pants can add confidence because the prints speak for itself as tough and rugged. Camouflage print in a camo cargo pants is just like the polka dots or even stripes, this camo cargo pants will always be in the mix in fashion and will never go out of the trend.

Modern Twist millitary look


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All we see from designers pieces with camouflage prints derives from the classic style of a camo cargo pants. Even though this camo cargo pants is more leaning towards to military scruffy look than dapper gorgeous, this camo cargo pant has name in fashion world as non-fashionable piece for most males. More and more designers today revamp the design of camo cargo pants such brands as Comme Des Garcons, Band of Outsiders and DSquared2. Designers made the camo cargo pants more interesting to fashionista nowadays, camo cargo pants is no longer restricted to military, navy or traditional anymore. It gets more stylish and slicker look in menswear world. We know that camouflage print is all about fierce and a camo cargo pants does not to be the protagonist of your look.

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Wearing camo in street style

To look more fashionable and not looking like you are going to the battle, wear only a piece with camouflage print within your overall look like wearing a camo cargo pants mix with plain shirt. Discipline yourself not look over the top except you are going to walk in a runway show.

Classic always works well with camo cargo pants. Adding accessories will make your look more stylish, like wearing leather watch or cuff and in-trend sunglasses. Layering your clothes while wearing camo cargo pant also work and add depth to your look. Many guys are not bold enough to explore and look stylish, if you are afraid wearing camo cargo pant try carrying accessories with camouflage instead such as tote, clutch or shoes. Keep it mind that it will always much better to look less to refrain from looking like you are a member of guerilla.

Stylish accessories for camo cargo pants

If you want to invest and make camouflage as the highlight of your outfit, start with the item which people will instantly glance at you like the camo cargo pants or bomber jacket. These items will easily compliment any item you wear, you can pair it with sneakers, loafers or even sandals. Camo cargo pants is best pair with tailored blazer or jacket to look stylishly smart statement. There are many brands selling camo cargo pants and you can wear any of those as long as you choose the perfect top and shoes to match one of the toughest print in the market today. It doesn’t matter your taste in fashion because camo cargo pants is back in trend. All you have to do is embrace and have fun wearing it.

Fashionably Dapper With Camo Cargo Pants

It has been an ongoing love between fashion and military especially for camouflage print. Although there is no specific date and season where street style been fond of loving to wear army shades and print like the camo cargo pants, they keep on growing and evolving through the years. The aesthetic of military influence affect the current trend in fashion today and because of many street style icons wearing military apparels like the camo cargo pants it adopts the modernization  in fashion. Looks like the military image goes beyond in the fashion world and people loves to wear it like the camo cargo pants.

Fasionable dipper
(Image source: Media Tumblr)


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Camouflage has been successfully revamp the trends in menswear today; from camo cargo pants to tailored blazer, it makes your look shines while wearing it on the street. Camouflage surely is a timeless print and unconditionally bold and rugged once you wear it. Most designers from New York to Paris used camo print into their pieces like the camo cargo pants, these designers such as Dries Van Noten and Valentino. But thanks to street style icons from fashion cities, we got our inspiration to wear items like the camo cargo pants.

How to carry a camouflage piece like the camo cargo pants?

Sure confident is enough to wear this recognizable military print just like in camo cargo pants but there are still some pointers we must never forget to make our look more stylish and modern in a way we can translate it in a seasonless look. Comfortability always comes first especially to spring and summer seasons. Unless you want to make a statement for a head to toe camouflage especially wearing camo cargo pants, always go for moderation. If you want to look modern, pair your camo cargo pants with neutrals for a sleek and dapper appearance. Always buy a camouflage item like the camo cargo pants because this can easily go well with everything in your closet. Camo prints for accessories is perfect to accentuate your look if you are not ready to big bold camouflage print like in a camo cargo pants. Make your camouflage item like the camo cargo pants as the highlight of your look, so donning it with classic pieces makes it more sophisticated.



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Things you should remember wearing camouflage print

Don’t fret to experiment the camouflage print to any hues like mixing the camo cargo pants to navy, khakis, black or white. Layering the camouflage is also a good thing to look more stylish. Investing to items like the camo cargo pants is a good thing because it never goes out with the trend as long as you blend it well with your overall outfit. A lot of confidence is all you need to wear items like the camo cargo pants because usually this piece we can only seen through soldiers or people in the army. Don’t make the camouflage a statement because it usually last shorter than making it a piece to help your look stand out.

Camouflage: Street Style Phenomenon Print

Camouflage especially the camo cargo pants has been growing its popularity in fashion nowadays. Designers continually support to use the print and provide us the hundreds of ways to wear camouflage to help us forget what it used to be before. Seasons after seasons, camouflage has never been attached specifically for just one season only. We seen a lot of people wearing this distinctive print especially for camo cargo pants all year round. Camo made a household name in every wardrobe and stand up among the rest of prints.


 Source Image:


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Camouflage once we only see to camo cargo pants is now flaunt by high end designers to jacket, shirt, shoes and even accessories.

Fans of camouflage piece like the camo cargo pants

Fashionistas and magazine editors around the globe over the past months showcase the camouflage print in its full glory especially wearing the camo cargo pants and how wearable it is in a daily basis. If you go with the camo cargo pants, always match it with neutral palettes to let it stand out but not letting it the main character of your overall look. Camo is one tough print, don’t let it outshine the rest of what you wear. Trousers with camouflage print just like the camo cargo pants will perfectly blends well with plain shirt especially the white and wearing with dark bomber jacket. This pairing will have a twist to your look because the utilitarian shade of your camo cargo pants is a contrast to a sartorial elegance look of the shirt and jacket which result to a modern urban look perfect for street style elegant. To finish the look while rocking the camo cargo pants is by wearing brown shoes like the loafers which blend well for spring and summer seasons. If you wear camouflage like the camo cargo pants in a more tailored way, look for a pairing which is fitted or tapered to provide a slimmer figure. Always remember to keep the camouflage print as accent of your look and not making it a statement or the star of your overall look.

Camouflage print has won its battle against critics nowadays. When times it doesn’t have followers, if you wear this print out in the public like a camo cargo pants, you instantly have bashers all around the corner. It already established itself as the essential trend especially for menswear because of its versatility and easily blend well with any look. Print such as camo always result to masculinity, but once you wear it with neutrals it goes well towards to dapper. Don’t be afraid rocking camo cargo pants in the public because camouflage print is no longer has limitation to where we should wear it.  If you decide to wear a camo cargo pants, stick to it as your main piece of your overall look and pair it with simple yet sophisticated item you have in your closet. You gotta learn to love the print because at the long run it will result to stylish new you.

The Best Camo Cargo Pants for Juniors

Most people who search online about fashion and Camo Cargo Pants are adults but we can’t just forget the fact that even juniors like 13 years old to 18 years old boys and girls have fashion necessities as well so we decided to dedicate one article just for them.

Being a junior, you are more limited in the types of wardrobe you should wear especially for women because you can’t show too much skin on this age. There is nothing wrong about looking cute when you are in the junior ages so we will be giving fashion advice that will suit your age.

As we are writing this article, we also have to consider the fact that it is currently summer and fall is coming very soon so we have to be in line with the season in order to give you the optimum tips in regards to which camo cargo pants is best for juniors.

Without further delay, here are our tips starting with…


There are many types of camo cargo pants, jeans and skirts available for the junior age of girls. You should bear in mind that looking cute is the main agenda for this section and you will find many pieces that are generally for the “young”. Let’s start with a very cute…

Camo Cargo Shirt and Cargo Pants

camo cargo shirt and pants for junior girl

Image Source: (


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Look at the very cute ensemble above. Don’t you just love the very casual yet tough look that the girl is wearing? It can also be paired with nice sneakers and a backpack if you want a more laid-back look. The camo cargo shirt goes very well with the moss green cargo pants that the girl is wearing. One cool outfit we suggest is pairing the camo cargo shirt with a nice pair of cargo skirts and a cute pair of brown ugg boots. If you feel like giving the whole ensemble a more artsy feel, you can also wear it with a beret hat. You just have to be very creative when it comes to fashion especially if you are a junior because you can get away with almost anything but don’t forget not to show too much skin because it will not leave a good impression to other people and it will definitely not show dignity towards others.

Shirt with Camo Cargo Pants


Image Source: (

Guess Skinny Jeans in Cargo Glitter Wash Review

Today is going to be different than our usual blog posts because instead of looking for ways on how to wear your favorite pair of camo cargo pants, we’re going to review one of the best products just for you. We have a special treat for you because not only will we feature a great pair of camo cargo pants but we will also feature a piece of clothing that was made by a very popular brand…

Do you have any guesses yet?

Well you don’t have to guess anymore because it’s from GUESS jeans!

Guess was one of the most highly reputable and popular brands of jeans during the 1980’s era. Not only were they the very popular pioneers of designers jeans but they were also the first ones to create them. Initially, they only offered their jeans for women in 1983, they followed it up with a “for men” collection in 1984. They are not only known for their famous jeans but they also carry watches, purses and other accessories that are prominent in today’s fashion.

So what is this product that we will be talking about and what does it have to do with the website Camo Cargo Pants.

Our website offer the best camo cargo pants and all the information about them but we also feature other correlated products such as cargo pants, camo jeans, cargo jeans and others that are very close to camo cargo pants and for today women will be very thankful for this post because we have found an awesome treasure in the world of camo cargo pants and it is the…

GUESS Cargo Skinny Jeans in Camo Glitter Wash!


 (Image can be found here:


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Why are we raving so much about it? Well why not?

We think that it is one of a kind especially because even if it has an elegant design, you can still see the very high quality up-close and you will see that it was really based on how real camo cargo pants were made. Cargo pants are the strongest type of pants available in stores today because they are actually being used in the military and one of its advantages is they dry very quickly making it less high maintenance.

These Guess Cargo pants are very beautiful, the color is very versatile and truly one of the easiest colors to pair with anything. The pants have also pockets on the front which differentiates it from most skinny jeans today that don’t have structure to them.

These pants also have a very nice glossy texture which can give you an ultimately glam and sophisticated look that you are truly going to love. One of the best pieces of clothing you can incorporate with these gorgeous pair of cargo pants is a loose ivory or beige top, cream tube top or a black t-shirt with topped with an ivory blazer. If you want to look sexy, be sure to pair it with something very fitted and will show a little bit of skin, if you want to look classy, get a nice dressy top that has a sheer fabric and if you want to look fashion forward, pair it with a good jacket and a blazer.

We highly recommend these cargo jeans if you are looking for a great investment for your wardrobe because not only does it looks very nice but you are assured that it is of very high quality as it was made by Guess Jeans.

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If you are a designer and you offer a line of camo cargo pants and you want to get featured on our site, we will definitely be open about negotiations but we will only write about the products which we think are of top quality and design because we only want our readers to get the best value for their money.

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Thank you so much for having the time in reading this article and don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe! Good luck in finding the perfect pair of camo cargo pants!

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What Camo Cargo Pants Girls Should Wear For The Summer And Autumn

Seasons change as do fashion styles and it this so called change is also very true to the world of Camo Cargo Pants. Fashion magazines and other publications of fashion industry authorities dictate to people what’s hot and what’s not. Although we believe that fashion isn’t about wearing what’s in or out, some people are still more comfortable in following the latest trends so we will do our best in order to help you in regards to the question…

What type of camo cargo pants should girls wear for the summer and autumn?


The beauty of summer is it gives vibrancy and color to the whole year. It is also one of the seasons wherein fashionistas show their quirkier side. Colors and patterns are the major issue when it comes to summer time especially when you want to complement your beautiful golden tan during this season. Fashion magazines and other publications often tell you that you should wear something that has earth tone colors if you have tan skin but it is contradicting whenever they release the latest trends for this said season. What are the colors for this summer of 2013 and what are the best ways to wear your camo cargo pants?

Based on our extensive research on various fashion sources, we decided to base our article on the latest summer trends of 2013 according to no less than Vogue, a highly reputable fashion magazine company which almost all high end designers aim to be included in. From our research, we have seen a lot of colors from a-list designers included in Vogue involving black and white with their creations and this trend is mostly all about loose dresses that have the said latter color. So how will you be able to incorporate a nice black and white loose dress with your favorite camo cargo pants this summer?


(Image Source:


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The photo above is one of the perfect samples to look really hot for the summer season of 2013. Even if camo cargo pants when you hear them don’t seem to sound awesome for summer, look how the woman pulled off her gorgeous pair of pants. The sheer color of the ivory blazer and dress top perfectly complements with her gorgeous pair of camo cargo skinny jeans. The accessories she paired with them are black giving out the total impression of Summer 2013 fashion.  This is such a fabulous and chic look for women out there who have been dwelling on what the perfect way to wear your camo cargo pants with for the summer.


Since summer is almost over for the year and fall will come very soon as seasons change very quickly with the blink of an eye, you have to also update your wardrobe in advance. Autumn is a very beautiful season wherein you can be very experimental with your look and most of the looks that the fall season shows are very sophisticated and elegant. The dominant color for Autumn 2013 according to Vogue magazine is BLACK. Summer was all about mostly white with hints of black but this season, it’s all black and to be very precise PLAIN BLACK. No patterns, designs, embroidery or any hint of etching are what most designers are showcasing to Vogue for their collection this season of the year 2013. Black is one of the most timeless colors that will never go out of style and it is a bonus season for all the shoppers because not only will they be “in” this season but what they will be buying is going to be an investment for a lifetime. Just like the color black, a woman should also invest in a good pair of camo cargo pants because they never go out of style and they will always look good if partnered with the right pieces of clothing, shoes, bags and jewelry. You can look at our extensive gallery of camo cargo pants by clicking here.

Now it is off to sample time on how you can wear your camo cargo pants perfectly for the autumn season.


Image Source: (


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We hope that we were able to enlighten you with the latest trends for this year and be sure to check for more if you need any help with your camo cargo pants. Don’t forget to check our wonderful selection of gorgeous camo cargo pants for men and women by clicking here. All of the products we list are of only HIGH QUALITY and we will not recommend anything that won’t last almost a lifetime.

Good luck!


What Color And Style Of Shirt Should Be Worn With Camo Cargo Pants

There is a wide variety of clothing pieces that a person can wear but there is one specific type of clothing which is meant to be for the people who are more adventurous in their fashion sense; the camo cargo pants. Camo cargo pants are originally worn in the military but nowadays it is being worn to almost every type of occasion especially by Hollywood celebrities. Are you one of the worried people who are clueless on how you should wear them and your particular question is…

What color of shirt should I wear with my Camo Cargo Pants!?

Don’t be extremely worried yet. Just sit back and relax as we show you the best example of shirts to match with the type of cargo pants you are planning to wear. Take your handy notebook to list our suggestions because this article will be a life saver for you camo cargo pants lovers out there.


In this section, we will feature different types of camo cargo pants for different types of shirts that have a variety of design and pattern. We are going to start with

The Classic Camo Cargo Pants

The classic camo cargo pants are the ones that you literally see in the movies wherein it is being worn by soldiers.



Image source: (



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We think that the best shirt color that you can wear with the classic camo cargo pants is white because the design, color and pattern of the classic carmo pants are already very bold and clashing it with something just as colorful will make your ensemble look very tacky. White also offsets the image of the camo cargo pants of being for expeditions and giving it a more clean and crisp look that is more pleasing to the eyes of people. We highly recommend getting a white shirt for your classic camo cargo pants and a little detail won’t hurt just like that we illustrated above. You can look at our catalogue for nice classic camo cargo pants by clicking here. We only list the best products and designers that you will surely love and will give only top quality for your money.

Skinny Camo Cargo Pants

The skinny camo cargo pants are just the same with the original camo cargo pants that the soldiers wear, the only difference is the fitting. These types of pants are usually seen in the runways and don’t be intimidated by them because with the right color of shirt for your camo cargo pants, you’ll surely be able to pull this look off. So what is the best shirt color for your skinny camo cargo pants?

Fitted (Regardless of color and design)

Pants 25-1

Image Source: (


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With skinny camo cargo pants, you can be more experimental with your shirts but make sure that your shirt is not loose because it would look very awkward especially for a guy wearing a lose top and a fitted bottom. For skinny camo cargo pants, you really have no boundaries in terms of the color or designs of your shirt, we will repeat; just make sure that your shirt is fitted too. Some of the best examples of designs and tshirts to pair with skinny camo cargo pants are grey shirts, black shirts and brown shirts. Great designs to partner with the pants are of something that has to do with skeletons or has a more punk rock theme. Just an additional bonus for these types of pants, the best footwear is boots, rubber shoes or sneakers; we don’t see formal leather shoes and bowling shoes going well with these pants but it is up to you on how you will be able to carry your style.


This section will be for women who are in a dilemma on whether to wear their camo cargo pants or not because they don’t have an idea on what to partner with it.

The baggy camo cargo pants

Usually, women have smaller sizes than men and when they wear camo cargo pants, the pants usually look baggy on them. What can you wear with your baggy camo cargo pants and how can you pull this look off? I know it sounds impossible and just the thought of wearing something baggy throws you back to the bad fashion choices of the 90’s but don’t worry because we will show you cool examples on what shirt can complement with your baggy camo cargo pants.

White Fitted Tanktop


Image Source: (


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Women can almost get away with anything especially in fashion and this is also true for baggy camo cargo pants. You can actually wear it with any type of top but make sure to partner it with something more casual and fitting. Don’t wear a dressy top with baggy camo cargo pants because it will totally look random, you can’t also wear a peplum blouse with baggy camo cargo pants because that would look out of this world but what you can wear is a simple yet very complementing fitted tanktop or tshirt with your baggy camo cargo pants in order to get a chic and tough yet sexy ensemble.

The skinny camo cargo pants

This is the opposite of the latter section and these pants are perfect for some events that are more dressy and sophisticated.

Blazer and Highheels

skinny camo cargo pants chic

Image Source: (


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This is more of an added bonus because we will show you the best footwear you can wear for a more sophisticated ensemble with your camo cargo pants. Wear high heels (Avoid Lucite platforms they are very tacky). Look at how chic and sophisticated looking the model is above, most people don’t know that camo cargo pants can look this good and you can be adventurous with them. We also recommend a tan blazer with nude heels or a black winter jacket with black boots. Don’t forget cute accessories to complete your look.

If you liked all the tips we provided and are ready for your first or best camo cargo pants in your wardrobe, feel free to look at our catalogue and the brand and products that we offer. CLICK HERE NOW!

Are Camo Cargo Pants Fashionable Or Tacky For Women?

There is a huge variety of wardrobe essentials and a lot of classic dresses which will truly go on forever but as a woman, you tend to get bored with the same piece of clothing that you want to experiment and be bolder and fiercer. What better way to be more adventurous on your fashion choices than wearing Camo Cargo pants?

Camo Cargo pants has been so controversial for women on whether these pair could be worn with being too tacky and more inclined into being fashionable. It really depends on how you accessorize something and how you want to wear it but you always have to know what you truly want. What effect do you want to leave to people? Is it possible to pull off a very fashionable chic look out of Camo Cargo pants?

We will demonstrate to you on how to wear Camo Cargo pants without looking disastrous and we will also be showing you samples from different and very popular women of varying ages and styles.

Are you on your teens and you’re thinking of wearing Camo Cargo pants but you have no idea on how to pull this look off? Take a look at our first example from the teen queen herself Miley Cyrus


Image Source (


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She wore her gorgeous skinny camo cargo pants with a plain tank top and with very simple gladiator flat shoes so that colors and patterns won’t clash with the beautiful pair of pants. You can see from the photo above that her look is not just very casual because it looks so chic and fashionable but drawing away from the usual looks that almost all celebrities are showcasing. You will surely stand out from the crowd with the perfect camo cargo pants if you just know how to wear them.

If you are the type of person who wants a dressier and sophisticated look for your gorgeous cargo pants, then who else would you look for as an inspiration than fashion icon Victoria Beckham


Image Source (


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Look how gorgeous those cargo pants looked on Mrs. Beckham. She partnered her beautiful moss green cargo pants with a black blazer, gray tank top and nude high heels in order to make her cargo pants less casual with giving her more edge than the others because she’s wearing cargo pants which you won’t usually see celebrities wearing.

There are countless ways in wearing camo cargo pants; you have to always put in mind what your peg should be. If you wanna look feminine, sophisticated, edgy, preppy and whatever your mood is, you can surely express is with the right accessories and the perfect camo cargo pants for you.

Some women are totally afraid of buying camo cargo pants because they deem it to be tacky as they only saw how wrongly people wear it but here in our website, we will be giving you a lot of inspirations and choices on what to buy and what not to buy to get the best value for your money. You don’t have to fear fashion because fashion should be always forward and what’s best with camo cargo pants is your giving fashion with actual function. Did you know that the materials used in making cargo pants are of VERY HIGH QUALITY? Cargo pants were originally made for the military because these pair of pants can weather against the war, wear and tear! They can easily be dried out and it is one of their many great functions so you wouldn’t have to worry on how you’re going to wash them. Most camo cargo pants have a lot of pockets as well and you’ll find this very useful if you happen to have a lot of stuff and you don’t like bringing a huge bag with you all the time.

Camo cargo pants are also perfect for different body types because most of them are made lose making them very comfortable for different wearers. They range in different colors, patterns and lengths; you can take a look at our catalogue by clicking here.

The final answer for the question are camo cargo pants fashionable or tacky for women is YES they are definitely very fashionable and NO they will never be tacky with the right accessories.

Our final advice is if you’re going to wear camo cargo pants and you want it to not look tacky, don’t pair it with other pieces of clothing that screams too much patterns. Camo cargo pants are already very colorful so you need to complement it with something tamer like beige, tan, black and white. You can also be experimental if you want to add some pop of colors to it like pink, neon and yellow but be sure that they will just be plain without patterns to avoid looking too “colorful” hence tacky. If you’re going for a sophisticated look, don’t forget to wear heels a nice pair of high heeled shoes with your camo cargo pants and add a nice pair of blazer or jacket. We recommend wearing nude heels and blazers that are black, silver or beige with your pants in order to make your whole ensemble look very chic.

We will also do our best in answering all your inquiries on which camo cargo pants are perfect for your body type and height if you put a comment or send us an e-mail. We would like to hear more from you especially if you have other ways of wearing camo cargo pants without looking tacky and you want your tips to be included here on our website and if you have any item you want us to recommend to our readers.

Don’t forget to check our home page for what’s latest in camo cargo pants for women because we always update our chart with the best of the best on the current trends in the world of camo  cargo pants. We hope this article was able to help you today!

Good Luck!

How Men Should Wear Camo Cargo Pants

There are many ways for men to wear camo cargo pants and it doesn’t have to be always just for outdoors. You can wear camo cargo pants to almost any occasion (even weddings if you’re planning to have a military wedding). If you have been always nagged about how you can wear these cool pants in your daily activities then you should stop worrying because we will list basic ways on how men should wear camo cargo pants.

For the exercising in the gym and jogging

Camo cargo pants is your best companion when doing tedious jobs such as working out on the gym or doing cardiovascular exercises such as running, jogging and dancing. Camo cargo pants are made with high quality material which wouldn’t wear and tear easily. Running, pilates and jogging can easily ruin your pants but camo cargo pants are very strong and what’s great about it is that it has a lot of pockets which you can store your stuff such as your iPod, car keys, phones, wallet or other necessary stuff when you do your daily exercises.

For going to the mall and strolling

Instead of wearing the usual boring jogging pants or board shorts, you can also wear your favorite camo cargo pants in going out for casual events such as gallivanting in the mall, shopping or just plain walking around. Camo cargo pants are very sexy for men, it gives such a manly expression to them and the pants draw instant attention to the crowd. We personally think that camo cargo pants are one of the special pieces in a man’s wardrobe that deserves to be called the sexiest.

For playing “Air Soft”

If you are planning to play air soft or paint ball, camo cargo pants is your perfect partner. The fast movements that the game needs require a clothing material that won’t distract you from your game.

There are countless ways on wearing camo cargo pants especially if you’re a man; you just have to know what pieces to dress them with. You have to know the perfect ways in order to showcase it at its finest. A lot of you may still have doubts that camo cargo pants are going to look neat in terms of being into fashion and we can’t blame you. All you need is a little more convincing and we are here to make camo cargo pants fashion clearer to you so if you are still lacking inspiration on how you think it would look good for daily activities; look below as we are going to show you some male celebrities who wore camo cargo pants the best.


Image Source: (


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Look at how Adam Lambert wore his very cool dark camo cargo pants. He paired it with a black leather jacket, black shirt and almost all of his accessories black giving and they are of kind giving his pants a more urbanized feel into them. From a personal perspective, his outfit choices seem all so wrong but when you look at it it’s actually a really nice modern ensemble.

If you were not a fan of the style above that we just showed you, then we will give you a more street and hip-hop infused example below


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Just look how extremely cool popular rapper and singer Chris Brown wore his camo cargo pants. The cap and hoodie with cool rubber shoes and nice belt really showed his good street style but he was able to incorporate something new rather than the usual baggy jeans that rappers wear and replaced them with a very nice pair of camo cargo pants. This is actually one of the nicest ways we personally think that men can wear their favorite camo cargo pants.

There is also one way of making camo cargo pants look really good without too much accessories if you feel like going for a more laid back look. On the image below, we will show you how Jay Z, a business mogul, producer and husband of no less than Beyonce wore his camo cargo pants to watch a basketball game.


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Jay Z didn’t go over the top in dressing up his camo cargo pants, he just put on a nice plain colored sweat shirt, cool Jordan shoes and a cap and he looks extremely amazing even beside his super sexy wife Beyonce. This is one example of wearing camo cargo pants in the simplest way and is perfect for almost all of your daily routines.

If we have missed some ways of wearing camo cargo pants for men; kindly comment on our blog or send us an e-mail and tell us of other extra cool ways in wearing these extremely neat pants. Don’t forget to check our catalogue as well by clicking here. Also drop by our homepage to see the latest camo cargo pants on sale that we highly recommend which you can wear for yourself or use as a perfect present for your friends, family and loved ones. Good luck in finding the perfect camo cargo pants for you!